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An annuity rate is the percentage by which an annuity grows each year. The rate is set by the annuity provider, usually an insurance company, that issues the contract. The provider guarantees an interest rate for a set time period, usually three to 10 years.


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 fixed annuities are known by a variety of names including:

  • CD annuity
  • CD-like annuity
  • Fixed rate annuity
  • Fixed annuity
  • Fixed deferred annuity
  • Deferred annuity
  • Multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA)
  • Single premium deferred annuity (SPDA)


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Fixed Annuity Rates by Term
2 Year Investment Term
3 Year Investment Term
4 Year Investment Term
5 Year Investment Term
6 Year Investment Term
7 Year Investment Term
8 Year Investment Term
9 Year Investment Term
10 Year Investment Term
Fixed Annuity Rates by Credit Rating
A++ Rated or Better
A+ Rated or Better
A Rated or Better
A- Rated or Better
B++ Rated or Better
B+ Rated or Better
B Rated or Better

5% 40500
8% 5400
10% 3600
10% 720
10% 2900
10% 2900
10% 320
10% 170
10% 320
5% 2900
5% 2900
8% 2900
8% 2900
8% 2900
5% 1900
5% 1900


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