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I love this Name and I would like to HELP and be part of a popular movement for Profit and Nonprofit Organizations.  I would love to work with partners that have similar opportunities. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Here is more information about me 

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50% 201000
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50% 74000
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50% 49500


Motto “La virtut unida és més forta” (Cadillian) “United virtue is stronger”

Cadilly (Cadillian: Cadeilles), officially the Democratic Republic of Cadilly (Aurorian: República Democràtica de Cadeilles) is a country in the south of the continent, having coast to the Asrack Ocean to its south-west and a small coast to the Slavic Sea to the south-east. The country is bordered to the north by Aurore and Phialia, to the east by South Slavia and to the west by Al-Nasri and Osebia.

With an area of 356.400 km², Cadilly is the eleventh largest country of Tena and the second largest of the Economic Community (ECo). With a population exceeding the 16,6 million of inhabitants, Cadilly is the eleventh country by population, and it is the eleventh with bigger population density at 46,69 inhabitants/km². The country’s capital city is Argelich, which is also the major urban area of the country, followed by Camins, Torregrossa, Bergeron and Col d’Olga.