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The three classical branches of visual art are painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Art and culture are popular targets of censorship.

cultural censorship

unwieldy artists and curators


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Concepts & Styles | Art Story |


1. Oil Painting:

2. Watercolor Painting:

3. Pastel Painting:

4. Acrylic Painting: 

5. Charcoal Drawing:

6. Coloured Pencil:

7. Pencil Sketch:

8. Ink Painting: 

9. Glass Painting:

10. Ball Point Pen Art:

11. Fresco:

13. Sand Painting:

14. Spray painting: 

15. Encaustic Painting:

16. Gouache Painting:

17. Tempera Painting:

18. Digital Painting:

19. Miniature Painting: 

20. Kalamkari Painting: 

21. Warli Painting: 

22. Phad Painting: 

24. Cave Painting:

25. Gond Painting:

26. Action Painting:

27. Aerial Perspective: 

27. Anamorphis:

28. Camaieu Painting:

29. Casein Painting:

30. Chiaroscuro: 

31. Divisionism:

32. Easel Painting:

33. Foreshortening:

34. Graffiti:

35. Grisaille: 

36. Impasto:

37. Mural Painting:

38. Panel Painting:

39. Panorama:

40. Perspective Painting:

41. Plein-air Painting:

42. Scroll Painting: 

43. Sfumato: 

44. Sgraffito:

45. Sotto In Su:

46. Tachisme:

47. Tenebrism:

48. Trompe l’oeil: 

49. Water Miscible Oil Paints: