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School Learning TYPES OF PODS

  • Remote Learning Pod. …
  • Nanny Share. …
  • Microschool. …
  • Playdate Pod. …
  • Hybrid Pod.

Origins Definition of hippopod

: a legendary creature having the body of a man and the legs of a horse

The Hippopod is one of a race with origins in Greek and Roman mythology, legend and folklore. Specifically, accounts of their existence first arose in Natural History (a work written by Pliny the Elder).


The Hippopodes resemble humans except they have horses’ hooves in lieu of feet. In fact, they resemble the breed of Satyr known as an Ipotane, but are distinguished in that female Hippopodes exist, while female Ipotanes (let alone any other breed of female Satyr) do not.

THE HIPPOPODES were a tribe of horse-footed men who lived on the cold islands beyond Skythia in the far north. Their name means “Horse-Footed” from the Greek words hippos and pous.


Pliny the Elder, Natural History 4. 94 (trans. Rackham) (Roman encyclopedia C1st A.D.) :
“Crossing the Ripaean Mountains [probably the Carpathians in central Europe] must coast to the left along the shore of the northern ocean until we reach Gadis. In this direction a number of islands are reported to exist [perhaps in the Baltic Sea] . . . [and] the Hippopodes on which people are born with horses’ feet, which gives them their Greek name.”

alternate Names/Spellings (sing. or pl.) Hippopodes, Hippopods, Hippopos, Hippopous, Hippopus, “Horse-Foot”, “Horse-Footed”
Origins Greek and Roman Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Appearance Humanoid with horses’s feet.